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Town Hall Seattle: Civics Series

The Civics series at Town Hall shines a light on the shifting issues, movements, and policies, that affect our society, both locally and globally. These events pose questions and ideas, big and small, that have the power to inform and impact our lives. Whether it be constitutional research from a scholar, a new take on history, or the birth of a movement, it's all about educating and empowering.

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Highlighting big ideas from both recent and soon-to-come events. A rolling Town Hall timeline, with you at the center. Every two weeks, hosts Steve Scher and Jini Palmer rewind through the recent past and fast-forward to the near future, catching you up on events you may have missed and offering a glimpse into the weeks ahead.

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Town Hall is a gathering place where ideas are planted and movements grow. It’s where we come together as a community to listen and be heard—to ask and answer the big questions facing our city and our world. Annually, we present hundreds of artists and scholars, and collaborate with more than 150 grassroots groups in our self-produced programs. Rooted in the belief that we all deserve a voice, our programming reflects—and inspires—our region's best impulses: creativity, empathy, and innovation. With our podcast series, we take one more step towards making our programming accessible to all. 

Jun 30, 2017

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and bestselling author Thomas Ricks (Fiasco) presents a dual biography of Winston Churchill and George Orwell focusing on the pivotal years from the mid-1930s through the 1940s, when these two men combated the threat of fascism and communism, each in his own imitable way. The...

Jun 28, 2017

Join Town Hall Seattle Scholar in Residence and award-winning journalist Marcus Harrison Green for this special happy hour release party for Flying to the Assemblies. This limited-edition book, edited by Green and Seattle Weekly’s Mark Baumgarten, is a collection of essays by local thought leaders exploring...

Jun 26, 2017

Refugees are forced to flee their home and country due to violence and persecution, and this history continues to inform their perspective for years to come. Hear from a panel of refugees, assembled by The Northwest Immigrant and Refugee Health Coalition (NWIRHC), about the way that the current political climate,...

Jun 23, 2017

Foreign affairs commentator Gideon Rachman is the winner of the 2016 Orwell Prize and the European Press Prize for Commentator of the Year. In Easternization: Asia’s Rise and America’s Decline From Obama to Trump and Beyond, he presents his analysis of a new era of global instability, as the flow of wealth and...

Jun 21, 2017

Journalist and attorney Jill Filipovic talked to women across the country, asking them what they needed to be happy. In The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness, she argues that the main obstacle standing in between women and happiness is a system that is rigged against them. In this world of unfinished...